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Battle.net 2.0

Jay Wilson auf der G|C:

We’re working on a new version of Battle.net, and there is a major revision in how it works. The goal is to simply provide the best online experience that you can find in any game. If you’re playing a Blizzard game, we want you to be part of the Blizzard community. We want people to find their friends quickly, to communicate with them, and to play together.

Das neue Battle.net kommt also. Wir nennen es mal in Anlehnung an „Web 2.0“

Das Battle.net 2.0

Einige Features sind bereits bekannt:

  • Verbesserter Ping
  • Chat-Channels Ingame
  • Diverse neue Rankings
  • Erweiterter Cheat-Schutz
  • AMM Mode
  • Avatare, Bilder und Icons im Stil von Foren / Social Networks
  • D3 Hardcore Modus
  • Friendslist / Ignorelist mit vielen neuen Features3
  • Clan / Gilden Support
  • Turniere
  • Globale Errungenschaften (Spielübergreifend für alle neuen Blizz-Games)
  • Voice Chat
  • eSport Support (evtl. Video-Capture Modi oder ähnliches)

Frank Pierce:

One of the features we are definitely working on improving and in integrating much better is the replay-functionality which is naturally important for the e-sports-community. We are working at better support for tournaments and leagues on battle.net so that there is a lot more facility in that regard. We are talking about things like cameraman-functionality which we already have in World of Warcraft as well.

We are also talking about potential spectator’s functionality and things like that. We have an e-sports-team internally whose responsibility is to host the events that we run and also work for parties so that e-sports-team will be responsible for e-sport with StarCraft 2 as well.

Quellen : diii.net, blizzard.com

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