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Day: Wallpaper

Diablo 3: New Artworks, Screenshots and wallpaper

by on Aug.16, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

Perhaps as a small compensation for Blizzard's refusal (in terms of Diablo3) for the Games Convention they present us now brand new footage.

It involves artwork, screen shots and finished wallpaper for your desktop.

Just look around ... maybe what's here for you.


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Diablo3 artwork

by on Jul.25, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

Hello Diablo gamers

as you probably already know, there are on the official website a great Diablo3 Artwork category. This has been extended to some new pictures yesterday.

Here's a little taste:

Source: Blizzard.com

Under http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/artwork.xml you will find the complete collection of images. Even old friends like Goatmen are available with beautiful concept drawings. Photoshop fans will certainly tinker soon the first wallpaper of it.

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