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Cataclysm - A new brand of Blizzard?

by on Jul.02, 2009, under Blizzard Games

Blizzard read legal protection on June 26, the brand name Cataclysm.

Just what is a Cataclysm? Does it have something to do with "Catacomb", or is it ...

  • A new game engine for the announced MMO?
  • A WoW addon?
  • A Diablo 3 addon?
  • A Starcraft 2 Addon?
  • ?

Wikipedia says the following about it:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cataclysm is the Greek expression for the Deluge , from the Greek Kataklysmos, to 'wash down' (kluzein "wash" + kata "down"). [ citation needed ] It has therefore been used and to describe events: such as the Flood , the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah , and the tenth plague of Egypt . The modern usage of cataclysm is mostly confined to geological phenomena of high Significance,: such as the destruction of Pompeii , the Tunguska event , or the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake .

It seems to have something to do with destruction, which fits very well in principle to Diablo. Blizzard often prepares for years before publishing to new projects that could be seen, for example, good at the acquisition of Diablo3.com domain.

In WoWWiki you can read the following:

The Great Sundering, also known as simply the Sundering or the Cataclysm what a world event Which reshaped Azeroth Approximately 10,000 years ago at the end of the War of the Ancients. This event which triggered due to the Well of Eternity being destroyed.

More speculation can be found here . This could of course speak for a WoW addon.

If you / have more ideas hints, then let's just behind us a comment or reply in the forum .



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Started Diablo 3 Chat Room

by on Jun.25, 2009, under General

Hello Diablo fans

all who would like to chat about Diablo (I / II / III) itself is now a German chat room available, the you can enter without having to download a client or any entry.

Clickt just in the main menu (top right) to "Diablo Chat"

If you a client (mIRC, Trillian, ...) you have installed, here are the credentials:

  • Server: irc.quakenet.org
  • Channel: # diablo.de

Have fun while chatting.

Your nickname will change her with the command: / nick New Nickname

If there are any problems with the chat, so please get in touch in the associated forums topic .

Small update:


As an alternative to our Web client can you also from Quakenet webchat service use.

Here you can download mIRC for free , if you prefer a standalone client. The big advantage is that you your nickname so simple register / login can without entering your password every time. A small guide on the program can be found here .

Alternatively, users of Firefox can use the addon "ChatZilla" use.

Your account you register, in which you enter the chat and typing the following command:

  • / Msg Q HELLO email@host.de email@host.de

Follow the instructions in the mail and complete the registration. Used (if any) your forum nickname as the user name. Then you will get your password and now can do this after you log in the chat type.

  • / Msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH username password

Send now via private message your forums user name to me and you'll get a special "voice" characters in the channel, which identifies you as a register user.

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Will Diablo 3 censored for the German market?

by on Oct.14, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

Effect Friends come in the new Diablo 3 game videos quite at their expense. Blood on the floor and walls, corpses of monsters and more, it's a wonderfully dark atmosphere, but now we are faced with the question:

"What our censorship experts say the USK to the spectacle?"

How Blizzard deal with a possible 18 + rating introduced Jay Wilson repeatedly clear:

We can remove the blood effects easily. For they are as separate> graphics layer <about the fighting. Therefore, we have no problem, Diablo 3 adapt to the child protection provisions of other markets. (BlizzCon 2008 *)

Blizzard would do with Diablo 3 of course, primarily a successful computer game. The would a genre atypical 18 + rating significantly harm, so you will probably go no experiments. The USK been expressed, however, not yet on the subject. So far, the website of Blizzard has a 16er rating. Since there also trailers are released, we can give the all clear so first.

Prior to the classification Blizzard had always ensured that the localized version of Blizzard.com/Diablo3 conforms to the USK. Even today finds himself in the corner (bottom / right) nor a USK16 logo.

What is left to say?

Wait and see. We do not know whether there will be a censor, even if Blizzard is not yet an (additional) brings 18 + version on the market and this might only sells online. For emergencies fans, we still have the international version, which you can order on the web easily.

Discussions on this you can as always in the forum lead.

Sources: *) Gamestar

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Diablo 3 - even more info!

by on Sep.06, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

The day before yesterday published some new screenshots Blizzard an unknown island that is very reminiscent to you form a Diablo skull.

Here the picture (click to enlarge):

Bashiok (Diablo Community Manager) answered now in the Bnet forums, the question to what place it might be concerned.

It is Skovos, and I think this piece what's something that Leonard Showed and Discussed at the WWI Lore and Environment Art panel.

It Is not a location you'll visit did in Diablo III, but the artwork is a good example of the work and thought going in to fleshing out the world of Sanctuary. It's already a very complex world with a lot of locations and events, but a lot of it still Is not visually or contextually Realized. As we want to create the feeling of a world outside of your immediate view it's important to create or expand upon the locations and stories of world did.

As we're working to create Diablo III so we're working to create a more visually complete Sanctuary.

It is the southern city Skovos, we unfortunately can not visit in Diablo III (still). On the world map you can look at the situation a little better. Blizzard wants to create a visually complete world to produce a certain RPG feeling. source

Bye, Bye, Bossruns?

In another forum post Bashiok and went on to how to better integrate the currently overly frequent Bossruns and fast / efficient Rush's in the game. Blizzard seeks to ensure that the game is played more as a whole, although, of course, further efficiency remains an important point.

There's an inherent issue in Diablo II, where the game is degenerated to a task of getting to point B as Quickly as possible, spinning the wheel, and then you rinse and repeat. While a lot of people obviously take advantage of it, and it sort of Becomes a game in Itself to see how fast and efficient you can be, it's not Necessarily engaging. You Could also say it detracts from the feeling of being immersed in on Entire game experience.

Regardless of what happens or changes in Diablo III, there are always going to be the min / maxers that game the system to be more efficient, but as a goal we want to Encourage players to experience the game as a whole or at least to a larger degree than at end-game did devolves in to just killing a single boss over and over. A lot Of Those ideas and details are obviously quietly under wraps but it is something we're aware of and thinking about. (source)

Jay Wilson said, meanwhile, with the gaming magazine "Game Informer".

The full interview can look here to read. A very interesting point is that you will soon recognize sounds * using the * Pling whether a good Item has fallen. Otherwise, keep to the strongly Diablo 2, even though the sounds are soft due to some bad quality, of course, new.

Diablo storyline

Blizzard recently unveiled a small story lexicon online, where you can look again combined all the "historical" processes of the trilogy. Of course, it is still missing some points, but since Blizzard will probably soon rectify.

Finally, I would like again to the screenshot gallery direct from Blizzard, which was updated in the past.

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BlizzCast Episode 5

by on Aug.29, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

In this BlizzCast ("Blizzard Podcast") is all about Diablo 3 are again the interviews of Jay Wilson and Bashiok (D3 Community Manager) summarized on the World Wide International in Paris. Of course you get everything in Deutcher translation (text).

Have fun with podcasting. (38min: 44sec)


Download (MP3): http://media.wow-europe.com/blizzcast/blizzcast_episode5.mp3

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Interview with Jay Wilson

by on Aug.24, 2008, under Diablo 3 News

Hello Diablo fans,

January Fratzer, a fellow editor on Looki.de, in cooperation with Diablogamer.com through an interview with Jay Wilson, lead designer Diablo3.

Since numerous other sites have partially asked completely inconsequential things, I'm quite happy with the result. The questions come mainly from our community, but unfortunately we could not get anything under lack of time.

The selection of topics has subsequently taken over, after I had given him a nice compilation of your suggestions JAN.

Read for yourself and discuss with us in the Forum with:

Jan: Hi Jay! Thank you for taking the time. Could you first of all introduce our readers?

Jay Wilson: Hi! My name is Jay Wilson and I am the lead designer of Diablo 3

Jan: The Diablo series is a true classic. Can you describe what exactly constitutes the series in your eyes and how you want to expand Diablo with the now third part to our readers?

Jay Wilson: Well, when we started working on Diablo 3, we wanted to build on the important aspects of the predecessor. The focus was on the accessibility of the title. Therefore, we decided to maintain the isometric view and the gameplay related. Also, the setting, the countless items and cooperative games was very important to us.

All these elements are crucial for a game like Diablo. Of course, the fights are supposed to be very satisfactory. If one strikes with an ax or mace on the monster, it must simply have a good. To achieve this, we placed a lot of emphasis on the animation and sound effects. Thus we tried to keep the player in the long term in a good mood.

Jan: To what extent are you trying now with the third part to improve the gameplay and what part was the editor of Ford Serious for you as a lead designer of the game?

Jay Wilson: I think the two most challenging aspects, both the randomness of the battles and cooperative games. We design the single campaign is always in ways to make these accessible to multi-player co-op mode. Ie If a second game at the current, we are raising not only the difficulty of the fights, goes on to say, however, that also means that the actual quests must be adapted to the number of players at any time. In view of the randomness we also are always faced with a major challenge. Due to the fact that the fighting in Diablo 3 are never given, but always generates, we must make sure that the Aufeindertreffen with opponents such a way that they are too heavy not too light, yet. Furthermore, it stands as a designer at the items that find their way, often a difficult decision.

Jan: PvP (Player versus Player) plays a crucial role in the Diablo 2 community. What PvP features are planned for Diablo 3? Perhaps the title is yes its way, for example, in the World Cyber ​​Games?

Jay Wilson: We definitely want to add dedicated PvP modes, but we have not yet established us in this regard. We currently still testing which aspects will find their way in this respect in the game. Sure we are aware of the fact that players have fought a duel in Diablo 2, which is in and of itself funny, because PvP was never intended as a real mode in Diablo 2.

On the one hand we want to promote PvP with the third part further and offer support, on the other hand, we will try to go there some elements out of the way in which the co-op mode of the game would suffer.

In Diablo 2 it was the case that the players had the PvP opportunities that you had no desire to play together. Of course that was never our intention. What we are now trying is to promote the cooperative aspect of the game, by separating the PvP mode of the cooperative. How this will look like, but I can not say yet. But let's just say: the Diablo player and PvP love, will find that Diablo 3 will support PvP better than it have other games so far. Our main focus is but definitely on the co-op mode.
Jan: It has already been mentioned that the control is to be simplified in D3. So should the complete game be playable with the mouse. How exactly should we imagine that?

Jay Wilson: Yes, in Diablo 3 we continue the tradition of making the full game using the mouse to play. This is not to say that you can not use the keyboard. In fact, we have implemented some new features with respect to the control. Thus, the individual skills either change with Tab or the mouse wheel. Next, we have integrated a hotbar, which lets the players use the four skills. For this reason, we have also decided to remove the assignment of the F keys. The Hotbar is its comfort find a lot of friends, because we are sure.

Jan: As in Diablo 2, the third part are again divided into acts. As the players have the size relationships between a Diablo 2 - Diablo 3 introduce and act, and how long you will play about the story part of an act? How many acts are likely to develop?

Jay Wilson: Yes, although it was not planned by us at the beginning of the development of Diablo 3 to divide the game into acts, it has over time simply "natural" felt it promised to do, so we thought, why we should fight against it. We can not say exactly whether the proportions of the Act differ from those of Diablo 2, however. We strive every case a similar season like in Diablo 2.

Jan: Is it already to be seen whether it will Diablo 3 offer the player different storylines or an alternate ending?

Jay Wilson: I would not go as far as to say that we aim at an alternate ending, but we try to give the player the impression with his actions to influence the world. Various strands but it will not give all probability,.

Jan: Free trade with items was one of the big differences to WoW. Will it still be possible to swap all items free? Players must adapt to a compromise between the two systems, for example to prevent the trade in quest rewards?

Jay Wilson: Actually we are discussing within the team about it. My personal opinion is that Diablo is a game to trade, while WoW is based a work based on Raids game. Anyone who wants to get hold of the best items in Diablo, trading with other players. If we restrict the action of Diablo 3, we would at the same time miss the heart of the game a peg. The free action is, in my view, an indispensable part of the game is, and therefore we will not restrict trade great.

Jan: For many players, the limitations in terms of the inventory in Diablo 2 were a thorn in the side. To what extent did before planned to improve the game in this regard?

Jay Wilson: With the inventory situation is similar as with the running speed - the player can not get enough of both. In principle, one can say that no matter how much space you available to players it represents always want more. I admit that the restrictions on the inventory in Diablo 2 were too large. We definitely have the intention of the player in Diablo 3 to provide with more inventory space.

Jan: The Diablo series has never been known to have high hardware demands for their time. How it looks in this respect from Diablo 3? Presented from an actual computer to play Diablo 3 Release the liquid?

Jay Wilson: Well, the release is still far away, so we can not say much about the conditions, but we are, as in all other Blizzard titles, everything to ensure that our product runs decently as possible on as many systems . Players who flirt for Diablo 3 with a new PC, I'd advise you to wait until the actual release of the game and then buy an average for the time machine. On this the game will run with excellent security.

Jan: For quite some time, the physics is an important part of computer games. Has Blizzard before, jump on the train and Diablo 3 to help, for example, using the Euphoria Engine, to even more realism?

Jay Wilson: In Diablo 3, we use the Havok physics engine. However, we are very careful in this respect, after all, we want the game on as many PC running fast. Similarly, even with our graphics engine. Our technology enables current techniques such as normal maps, per-pixel shading, reflections and more. We are currently using only a fraction of all this methods. Before implement anything in the game, we ask ourselves whether this performance suffers heavily, or not. For this reason, we focus more on the artistic design of the game than on modern graphics technology. Thus, the game looks very good and still runs very, very fast.

Jan: Diablo 3 will be released for the PC. Will there be an exclusive title, or can console players still hope?

Jay Wilson: Currently we do not have anything concrete planned in this regard, but we do not look at Blizzard as a developer for PC games, but as a pure game developers.

The games that we develop, work on the PC but a bit better than on consoles. WoW is a good example. We try to make our games as much as possible and therefore generally have no time to sit down with the various control methods and adaptations of different platforms apart.

Of all the games that we have developed so far, Diablo is still the title that would be the easiest to implement, would dar. It While some small problems in a reaction type, but this should not represent a major challenge for us. We currently place our focus clearly on the PC version. I can not say if there will be one day a console version, only that we are not currently working on it.

Jan: Thanks for the interview!

Source: http://www.looki.de/games/gc_08_interview_mit_jay_wilson_spezial_a3657_1.html

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Questions to Jay Wilson (D3 Lead Designer)!

by on Aug.13, 2008, under Diablo 3 News , Diablo universe

Hello Diablo fans,

yes, you heard right. You can Jay Wilson, the chief designer of the project at Blizzard Entertainment Diablo3 provide exclusive questions. The interview is scheduled for next week and is run by a friendly Redakteuer the games magazine "Looki".

What you always wanted to know about Diablo 3?

Are you interested PvP features and possible tournaments? Do you have questions about the item system or you want to know details about the story?

Simply logs you in our forum and introduce your question (s). One of the best questions is Jay Wilson speech and Answer stand. So be creative and look at before, which have already cleared the other magazines such as MTV Multiplayer.

Questions you can just in our belonging to Forums Topic Post.

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Diablo3: Senior Art Director leaves Blizzard

by on Aug.08, 2008, under Diablo 3 News , Diablo universe

Blizzard confirmed that the senior art director Brian Morrisroe has decided to leave Blizzard Entertainment.

Our colleagues at MTV Multiplayer received the following opinion by mail:

Regarding Brian, he recently resigned to form a startup technology company (outside the game industry), Which is why we've posted about the open position. This change will not impact the game ... we're really pleased with the look and feel did Brian helped create for Diablo III, and the new person we bring onboard will work with the other artists on the team to maintain the art style moving forward .

Brian is outside the games industry to open a new startup company that is now. This change of leadership is, however, not prevent the development of Diablo 3. Blizzard is very pleased with the look and feel of D3 and will continue on its course with a new Art Director.

What is your view on that?

Brian was a victim of its own project, as too many have complained about the "WoW-heavy" graphic style of D3, or leaves you really be laboriously earned game nearing completion? If we are dealing with a coach of the Bundesliga, so the situation would be clear.

We try an opinion by Brian Morrisroe to get and keep you as up to date.

Source: MTV

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Diablo3: No Necromancer

by on Aug.06, 2008, under Diablo 3 News , Diablo universe

Yesterday further details on the Char-class Witch Doctor and his resemblance to the necromancers were announced on MTV Multiplayer.

It became clear Jay Wilson (lead designer D3) that there will not be due to the great similarities between doctor and Necro latter in Diablo3. Above all, no one wants to make 3D version of Diablo 2, so we probably should still look forward to some new classes to us.

Was taken up to now only the Barbarian. Probably expected us another magic class (mage from the Viz Jerei communities) as it already gave them in Diablo 1. Furthermore, offers a "Paladin-like" class, because the story is about the city Kurast play a major role.

It is not known whether the 5 classes will be a hard limit to a possible extension of Diablo 3. As it stands so far, however, it remains in the 8 players per game.

We will keep you up to date.

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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Diablo Gamer - The new forum

by on Jul.30, 2008, under News Diablo 2 , Diablo 3 News , Diablo universe

Hello Diablo fans,

a few minutes ago, we have combined the Forum of D2PvP.de and Diablo gamers. You can achieve this now under http://forums.diablogamer.com .

So it is all about Diablo 2 & 3 In Diablo2 area, the Forum has continued a focus on the player vs. Player mode. Of course you can you talk about other topics.

Of course you can continue to use to login your D2PvP account. If the password is omitted you (by saving), so looking for either in your password manager (browser), or let it send to you via e-mail.

We look forward to your Anmeldnug.

Your Admins and Moderators

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